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Look back and share your tweets from months or years ago—memories on twitter.

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About Us

Twitter Memories is a new way to look back and share the highlights of your Twitter experience. Revisit the best of your old tweets and share your memories with Twitter.

Our system retrieves tweets you posted months or years ago #OnThisDay and lets you share it. By default, our bot randomly picks one of your memories and automatically sends a daily update to your Twitter account.

How It Works

1) Enable Twitter Memories
Click the "Continue with Twitter" button to enable and authorize twitter memories on your account.

2) Check and Share Memories
Log in to your Twitter Memories dashboard to check and share tweets you posted #OnThisDay from months or years ago.

3) Create a Shortcut
To have a quicker access on your memories, you can click the "Create a Shortcut" on your dashboard and follow the instructions provided.

4) Invite Friends
Let your friends know about Twitter Memories by clicking the "Invite Friends" on your dashboard.


Why Twitter Memories

Part of the fun in Twitter is seeing what you posted in the past. Twitter Memories brings back tweets of the past for you to look over and share, with just a few clicks.

30,235 users
have already enabled twitter memories.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will #OnThisDay tweet automatically on my behalf?
This is completely optional. You may enable or disable this feature any time.

How can I disable the automated #OnThisDay tweets?
You can disable it by logging in and clicking "Disable #OnThisDay Tweets" on your dashboard.

How can I access Twitter Memories faster?
For quicker access, add our website "" to your bookmarks or put it on your Twitter bio or website. You can also try clicking "Create a Shortcut" on your dashboard.

What can I see on my dashboard?
On your dashboard, you can see tweets you posted on the same date as today but from years ago.

Why don't I have memories on my dashboard?
When your dashboard is empty, it means you did not post any tweet #OnThisDay 1 year ago. Check back daily so that you won't miss any of your Twitter Memories.

Contact Us

Twitter: @TwtMemories